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Empowering Healthcare Through Strategic Insight

Octava Consulting specializes in providing advisory services tailored to the life science and healthcare industries. With our c-level expertise, we focus on areas such as digital transformation and disruption, enabling start-up growth, devising strategic go-to-market plans, and offering insightful advisory services for financial institutions interested in investment opportunities



Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Digital Transformation

Octava can support large programs to disruptive technologies and applications

  • Program Management 

  • Digital Strategy and prioritization

  • Design thinking to proof of concept of technology to enable business growth

Start Up Services

Companies need to focus on  the science of their solutions. Octava supports with enabling growth and compliance

  • QMS set up 

  • Go to market strategy 

  • PE funding solutions 

  • Organization set up for growth 

Go-to-market Strategy Services

Octava supports consulting companies to grow in new regions and how to develop effective business growth in the capabilities the life science market needs

  • Sales strategy 

  • Growth strategy 

  • Capability assessments and strategy

  • Target Operating model development

Private Equity Advisory Services

When making investment in the life science and healthcare sector it is a science to make the right calls on where to place the investment chips

  • Acquisition target maturity 

  • Risk analysis for regulatory challenges 

  • Outsourcing function strategy 

  • Competitor analysis



Our Experts Are the Finest

Octava Consulting specializes in advisory services for the life science and healthcare industries, offering c-level expertise in digital transformation, start-up enablement, go-to-market strategy, and investment guidance.


Through programs such as Digital Transformation, Start-Up Services, Go-to-Market Strategy Services, and Private Equity Advisory Services, Octava creates tailored solutions to drive success.


These offerings include comprehensive support in technological advancements, essential tools for emerging companies, strategic planning for expansion into new regions, and in-depth investment analysis.


At Octava Consulting, the fusion of science and strategy positions clients for continued growth and innovation.

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Let’s Work Together

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Tel: +41791374712

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